VISA Extension by COVID19

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My boyfriend who is from UK got a visa extension because of COVID19.

I wrote about his case for someone who needs to do it too.

This is his case. It depends on where you are from, when you arrive, which visa you have, how long you’ve been in Japan etc…

When you apply, you should check the latest information.

Immigration Services Agency of Japan

About His Case

  • British Nationality
  • Tourist Visa
  • Arrival March 2020
  • The original tourist visa was expired in May
  • We went to the office in July
  • The office is in Kyoto

British people are allowed to extend their visa to 6 months from 3 months even when there is no Coronavirus.

I am a Japanese, I went to the office with him to help for language. (He doesn’t speak Japanese.)

The officer speaks Japanese for most of people, but I saw that he speaks English too.

We spent 40min in the immigration office.

What He Needed to Apply

He didn’t need any picture.

Revenue stamp is called Shunyu Inshi (収入印紙). You can buy at Post office.

At post office, there are some kind of stamps and you can’t get refund. Likely Post officers don’t know English name.

If you need your picture, there are some apps to take picture by phone.

You can print out the picture and application form at SevenEleven.

How to print out at SevenEleven (Online Upload)

  1. Upload online
  2. Make note of the reference number
  3. Go to SevenEleven (Within 24 hours)
  4. Put the reference number on the printing machine (You can change the language setting)

Apply at Immigration Office

We went to an immigration office in Kyoto. You should wear a mask there.

  1. Go to reception
  2. Give your passport
  3. Show your face (Remove hat and a mask)
  4. Give the application form
  5. Put the revenue stamp and signature on a letter which they give
  6. Get a number to wait
  7. Go to the counter when your number is called
  8. Show your face again
  9. Make sure the new expiry date with them
  10. Get your passport back

He took only 40min total.

We arrived at 2.30pm and left at 3.10pm.

There wasn’t any queue but it is just luck. We saw a queue after us.

We went to Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau Kyoto Branch.

4th floor of this building
The sign on the building says Kyoto Immigration Office.

We’ve met some people who did the extension. Each person had different situation.

This is my boyfriend’s case. Just as an example.

I hope your extension goes well too. Good luck!

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Joe Manga
Joe Manga