Can I walk to/from Valencia airport? – Yes!

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Have you searched if you can walk to/ from Valencia airport from the airport hotels?

Me too. I worried because many people said it was impossible or it was dangerous. Google maps showed me to walk on a highway without any walking path.

Actually the information is old. They made a walk path

for us!

It takes only 10 min. Let me show where how you can walk to/ from the airport!

Walk to Valencia airport.

I’ll show you from the airport hotels to the airport. If you walk from the airport, you can think other way around.

Most of airport hotels are close to the metro station Rosas.

Go to the tunnel.

They made a tunnel to walk to the airport in September 2020.

It makes it much much easier! We can walk underneath of the highway.

The tunnel is at the end of Carrer Pilaret.

If you want to see on Googlemaps, this is the link.

Come out from the other side of the tunnel.

Are you walking in a dark?

I did it too. There were enough lights. I didn’t need to use my phone’s light.

Walk to the walk path on the highway.

There is a walk path. But it is still a dirt path. I guess/hope they will make smooth.

Walk on the walk path on the highway.

They have some blocks to separate between the walking path and the drive way.

I can feel it is safe even on the highway.

Arrive at Valencia airport.

It is easy. Just walk straight, then you will arrive at Valencia airport.

If you walk from Valencia airport.

If you start from Valencia airport, follow this discription.

1 Leave the airport and go to right hand side.

2 Cross half way of the crossing and turn right.

Go to the walk path on the same street as Castellón, Alicante.

3 Go straight.

4 You will find the tunnel on your right hand side.

Valencia airport hotels

There are some hotels in the area.

I don’t think there is any hotel connected to Valencia airport.

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If you are thinking to walk to/ from Valencia airport, I recommend Travelodge or ibis budget. Because these two are close to the tunnel.


I’ve stayed here.

It was the cheapest option and good for the purpose.

Just in front of Rosas station.

The front desk staff was very nice. Actually she taught me about the tunnel.

The room doesn’t have any facility as a kettle or a fridge. I don’t need them, it wasn’t problem for me.

Wifi was free only at the lobby. If you want to use it in your room, you have to pay.

The free wifi at lobby was weak as DL 0.95 and UL 0.06.

The hotel is clean, there are tables in the lobby area. We can work on a laptop.

Depends on what you expect, for me it was good for a night.

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ibis budget

I’ve stayed at the chain hotel in UK. It was also good for the purpose.

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